Functions concerning tournament graphs.

A tournament graph is a complete oriented graph. In other words, it is a directed graph in which there is exactly one directed edge joining each pair of distinct nodes. For each function in this module that accepts a graph as input, you must provide a tournament graph. The responsibility is on the caller to ensure that the graph is a tournament graph:

>>> G = nx.DiGraph([(0, 1), (1, 2), (2, 0)])
>>> nx.is_tournament(G)

To access the functions in this module, you must access them through the networkx.tournament module:

>>> nx.tournament.is_reachable(G, 0, 1)


Returns a Hamiltonian path in the given tournament graph.

is_reachable(G, s, t)

Decides whether there is a path from s to t in the tournament.


Decides whether the given tournament is strongly connected.


Returns True if and only if G is a tournament.

random_tournament(n[, seed])

Returns a random tournament graph on n nodes.


Returns the score sequence for the given tournament graph.