Wiener Index#

Functions related to the Wiener Index of a graph.

The Wiener Index is a topological measure of a graph related to the distance between nodes and their degree. The Schultz Index and Gutman Index are similar measures. They are used categorize molecules via the network of atoms connected by chemical bonds. The indices are correlated with functional aspects of the molecules.



M.V. Diudeaa and I. Gutman, Wiener-Type Topological Indices, Croatica Chemica Acta, 71 (1998), 21-51.

wiener_index(G[, weight])

Returns the Wiener index of the given graph.

schultz_index(G[, weight])

Returns the Schultz Index (of the first kind) of G

gutman_index(G[, weight])

Returns the Gutman Index for the graph G.