Welcome to nx-guides!


Welcome to nx-guides!#


This site provides educational materials officially developed and curated by the NetworkX community. The goal of the repository is to provide high-quality educational resources for learning about network analysis and graph theory with NetworkX. Examples include:

  • Long-form narrative documentation, such as tutorials

  • In-depth examinations of common graph and network algorithms and their implementations in NetworkX

  • Demonstrations or domain-specific applications of NetworkX highlighting best-practices for network analysis.


The educational materials are in the form of markdown-based Jupyter notebooks, so everything is interactive! You can follow along yourself:

  1. on binder, by clicking on the launch button at the top of this page, or the rocket icon in the upper-right corner of any of the pages, or

  2. locally, by cloning the repository (see the octocat icon above) and running jupyter notebook.