This documents the development version of NetworkX. Documentation for the current release can be found here.


average_node_connectivity(G, flow_func=None)[source]

Returns the average connectivity of a graph G.

The average connectivity bar{kappa} of a graph G is the average of local node connectivity over all pairs of nodes of G 1 .

\[\bar{\kappa}(G) = \frac{\sum_{u,v} \kappa_{G}(u,v)}{{n \choose 2}}\]
  • G (NetworkX graph) – Undirected graph

  • flow_func (function) – A function for computing the maximum flow among a pair of nodes. The function has to accept at least three parameters: a Digraph, a source node, and a target node. And return a residual network that follows NetworkX conventions (see maximum_flow() for details). If flow_func is None, the default maximum flow function (edmonds_karp()) is used. See local_node_connectivity() for details. The choice of the default function may change from version to version and should not be relied on. Default value: None.


K – Average node connectivity

Return type


See also

local_node_connectivity(), node_connectivity(), edge_connectivity(), maximum_flow(), edmonds_karp(), preflow_push(), shortest_augmenting_path()



Beineke, L., O. Oellermann, and R. Pippert (2002). The average connectivity of a graph. Discrete mathematics 252(1-3), 31-45.