complete_bipartite_graph(n1, n2, create_using=None)[source]#

Returns the complete bipartite graph K_{n_1,n_2}.

The graph is composed of two partitions with nodes 0 to (n1 - 1) in the first and nodes n1 to (n1 + n2 - 1) in the second. Each node in the first is connected to each node in the second.

n1, n2integer or iterable container of nodes

If integers, nodes are from range(n1) and range(n1, n1 + n2). If a container, the elements are the nodes.

create_usingNetworkX graph instance, (default: nx.Graph)

Return graph of this type.


Nodes are the integers 0 to n1 + n2 - 1 unless either n1 or n2 are containers of nodes. If only one of n1 or n2 are integers, that integer is replaced by range of that integer.

The nodes are assigned the attribute ‘bipartite’ with the value 0 or 1 to indicate which bipartite set the node belongs to.

This function is not imported in the main namespace. To use it use nx.bipartite.complete_bipartite_graph

Additional backends implement this function

cugraph : GPU-accelerated backend.