classmethod argmap.signature(f)[source]#

Construct a Signature object describing f

Compute a Signature so that we can write a function wrapping f with the same signature and call-type.


A function to be decorated


The Signature of f


The Signature is a namedtuple with names:

name : a unique version of the name of the decorated function signature : the inspect.signature of the decorated function def_sig : a string used as code to define the new function call_sig : a string used as code to call the decorated function names : a dict keyed by argument name and index to the argument’s name n_positional : the number of positional arguments in the signature args : the name of the VAR_POSITIONAL argument if any, i.e. *theseargs kwargs : the name of the VAR_KEYWORDS argument if any, i.e. **kwargs

These named attributes of the signature are used in assemble and compile to construct a string of source code for the decorated function.