general_random_intersection_graph(n, m, p, seed=None)[source]#

Returns a random intersection graph with independent probabilities for connections between node and attribute sets.


The number of nodes in the first bipartite set (nodes)


The number of nodes in the second bipartite set (attributes)

plist of floats of length m

Probabilities for connecting nodes to each attribute

seedinteger, random_state, or None (default)

Indicator of random number generation state. See Randomness.

See also

gnp_random_graph, uniform_random_intersection_graph



Nikoletseas, S. E., Raptopoulos, C., and Spirakis, P. G. The existence and efficient construction of large independent sets in general random intersection graphs. In ICALP (2004), J. D´ıaz, J. Karhum¨aki, A. Lepist¨o, and D. Sannella, Eds., vol. 3142 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, pp. 1029–1040.