hnm_harary_graph(n, m, create_using=None)[source]#

Returns the Harary graph with given numbers of nodes and edges.

The Harary graph \(H_{n,m}\) is the graph that maximizes node connectivity with \(n\) nodes and \(m\) edges.

This maximum node connectivity is known to be floor(\(2m/n\)). [1]

n: integer

The number of nodes the generated graph is to contain

m: integer

The number of edges the generated graph is to contain

create_usingNetworkX graph constructor, optional Graph type

to create (default=nx.Graph). If graph instance, then cleared before populated.

NetworkX graph

The Harary graph \(H_{n,m}\).

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This algorithm runs in \(O(m)\) time. It is implemented by following the Reference [2].



F. T. Boesch, A. Satyanarayana, and C. L. Suffel, “A Survey of Some Network Reliability Analysis and Synthesis Results,” Networks, pp. 99-107, 2009.


Harary, F. “The Maximum Connectivity of a Graph.” Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 48, 1142-1146, 1962.