total_spanning_tree_weight(G, weight=None, root=None)[source]#

Returns the total weight of all spanning trees of G.

Kirchoff’s Tree Matrix Theorem [1], [2] states that the determinant of any cofactor of the Laplacian matrix of a graph is the number of spanning trees in the graph. For a weighted Laplacian matrix, it is the sum across all spanning trees of the multiplicative weight of each tree. That is, the weight of each tree is the product of its edge weights.

For unweighted graphs, the total weight equals the number of spanning trees in G.

For directed graphs, the total weight follows by summing over all directed spanning trees in G that start in the root node [3].

Deprecated since version 3.3: total_spanning_tree_weight is deprecated and will be removed in v3.5. Use nx.number_of_spanning_trees(G) instead.

GNetworkX Graph
weightstring or None, optional (default=None)

The key for the edge attribute holding the edge weight. If None, then each edge has weight 1.

rootnode (only required for directed graphs)

A node in the directed graph G.

Undirected graphs:

The sum of the total multiplicative weights for all spanning trees in G.

Directed graphs:

The sum of the total multiplicative weights for all spanning trees of G, rooted at node root.


If G does not contain any nodes.


If the graph G is not (weakly) connected, or if G is directed and the root node is not specified or not in G.


Self-loops are excluded. Multi-edges are contracted in one edge equal to the sum of the weights.



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Margoliash, J. “Matrix-Tree Theorem for Directed Graphs”


>>> G = nx.complete_graph(5)
>>> round(nx.total_spanning_tree_weight(G))
>>> G = nx.Graph()
>>> G.add_edge(1, 2, weight=2)
>>> G.add_edge(1, 3, weight=1)
>>> G.add_edge(2, 3, weight=1)
>>> round(nx.total_spanning_tree_weight(G, "weight"))