generic_node_match(attr, default, op)[source]

Returns a comparison function for a generic attribute.

The value(s) of the attr(s) are compared using the specified operators. If all the attributes are equal, then the constructed function returns True.

  • attr (string | list) – The node attribute to compare, or a list of node attributes to compare.

  • default (value | list) – The default value for the node attribute, or a list of default values for the node attributes.

  • op (callable | list) – The operator to use when comparing attribute values, or a list of operators to use when comparing values for each attribute.


match – The customized, generic node_match function.

Return type



>>> from operator import eq
>>> from networkx.algorithms.isomorphism.matchhelpers import close
>>> from networkx.algorithms.isomorphism import generic_node_match
>>> nm = generic_node_match("weight", 1.0, close)
>>> nm = generic_node_match("color", "red", eq)
>>> nm = generic_node_match(["weight", "color"], [1.0, "red"], [close, eq])