NetworkX 1.5#

Release date: 4 June 2011


New features#

Weighted graph algorithms#

Many ‘weighted’ graph algorithms now take optional parameter to specify which edge attribute should be used for the weight (default=’weight’) (ticket

In some cases the parameter name was changed from weighted_edges, or weighted, to weight. Here is how to specify which edge attribute will be used in the algorithms:

  • Use weight=None to consider all weights equally (unweighted case)

  • Use weight=True or weight=’weight’ to use the ‘weight’ edge attribute

  • Use weight=’other’ to use the ‘other’ edge attribute

Algorithms affected are:

betweenness_centrality, closeness_centrality, edge_betweenness_centrality, betweenness_centrality_subset, edge_betweenness_centrality_subset, betweenness_centrality_source, load, closeness_vitality, weiner_index, spectral_bipartivity current_flow_betweenness_centrality, edge_current_flow_betweenness_centrality, current_flow_betweenness_centrality_subset, edge_current_flow_betweenness_centrality_subset, laplacian, normalized_laplacian, adj_matrix, adjacency_spectrum, shortest_path, shortest_path_length, average_shortest_path_length, single_source_dijkstra_path_basic, astar_path, astar_path_length

Random geometric graph#

The random geometric graph generator has been simplified. It no longer supports the create_using, repel, or verbose parameters. An optional pos keyword was added to allow specification of node positions.

Bug fixes#