restricted_view(G, nodes, edges)[source]#

Returns a view of G with hidden nodes and edges.

The resulting subgraph filters out node nodes and edges edges. Filtered out nodes also filter out any of their edges.

GNetworkX Graph

An iterable of nodes. Nodes not present in G are ignored.


An iterable of edges. Edges not present in G are ignored.

subgraphSubGraph View

A read-only restricted view of G filtering out nodes and edges. Changes to G are reflected in the view.


To create a mutable subgraph with its own copies of nodes edges and attributes use subgraph.copy() or Graph(subgraph)

If you create a subgraph of a subgraph recursively you may end up with a chain of subgraph views. Such chains can get quite slow for lengths near 15. To avoid long chains, try to make your subgraph based on the original graph. We do not rule out chains programmatically so that odd cases like an edge_subgraph of a restricted_view can be created.


>>> G = nx.path_graph(5)
>>> H = nx.restricted_view(G, [0], [(1, 2), (3, 4)])
>>> list(H.nodes)
[1, 2, 3, 4]
>>> list(H.edges)
[(2, 3)]