voterank(G, number_of_nodes=None)[source]

Select a list of influential nodes in a graph using VoteRank algorithm

VoteRank 1 computes a ranking of the nodes in a graph G based on a voting scheme. With VoteRank, all nodes vote for each of its in-neighbours and the node with the highest votes is elected iteratively. The voting ability of out-neighbors of elected nodes is decreased in subsequent turns.

Note: We treat each edge independently in case of multigraphs.

  • G (graph) – A NetworkX graph.

  • number_of_nodes (integer, optional) – Number of ranked nodes to extract (default all nodes).


voterank – Ordered list of computed seeds. Only nodes with positive number of votes are returned.

Return type




Zhang, J.-X. et al. (2016). Identifying a set of influential spreaders in complex networks. Sci. Rep. 6, 27823; doi: 10.1038/srep27823.