pygraphviz_layout(G, prog='neato', root=None, args='')[source]#

Create node positions for G using Graphviz.

GNetworkX graph

A graph created with NetworkX


Name of Graphviz layout program

rootstring, optional

Root node for twopi layout

argsstring, optional

Extra arguments to Graphviz layout program


Dictionary of x, y, positions keyed by node.


If you use complex node objects, they may have the same string representation and GraphViz could treat them as the same node. The layout may assign both nodes a single location. See Issue #1568 If this occurs in your case, consider relabeling the nodes just for the layout computation using something similar to:

>>> H = nx.convert_node_labels_to_integers(G, label_attribute="node_label")
>>> H_layout = nx.nx_agraph.pygraphviz_layout(G, prog="dot")
>>> G_layout = {H.nodes[n]["node_label"]: p for n, p in H_layout.items()}

Note that some graphviz layouts are not guaranteed to be deterministic, see graphviz/graphviz#1767 for more info.


>>> G = nx.petersen_graph()
>>> pos = nx.nx_agraph.graphviz_layout(G)
>>> pos = nx.nx_agraph.graphviz_layout(G, prog="dot")