bipartite_layout(G, nodes, align='vertical', scale=1, center=None, aspect_ratio=1.3333333333333333)[source]#

Position nodes in two straight lines.

GNetworkX graph or list of nodes

A position will be assigned to every node in G.

nodeslist or container

Nodes in one node set of the bipartite graph. This set will be placed on left or top.

alignstring (default=’vertical’)

The alignment of nodes. Vertical or horizontal.

scalenumber (default: 1)

Scale factor for positions.

centerarray-like or None

Coordinate pair around which to center the layout.

aspect_rationumber (default=4/3):

The ratio of the width to the height of the layout.


A dictionary of positions keyed by node.


This algorithm currently only works in two dimensions and does not try to minimize edge crossings.


>>> G = nx.bipartite.gnmk_random_graph(3, 5, 10, seed=123)
>>> top = nx.bipartite.sets(G)[0]
>>> pos = nx.bipartite_layout(G, top)