write_adjlist(G, path, comments='#', delimiter=' ', encoding='utf-8')[source]#

Write graph G in single-line adjacency-list format to path.

GNetworkX graph
pathstring or file

Filename or file handle for data output. Filenames ending in .gz or .bz2 will be compressed.

commentsstring, optional

Marker for comment lines

delimiterstring, optional

Separator for node labels

encodingstring, optional

Text encoding.


The default delimiter=" " will result in unexpected results if node names contain whitespace characters. To avoid this problem, specify an alternate delimiter when spaces are valid in node names. NB: This option is not available for data that isn’t user-generated.

This format does not store graph, node, or edge data.


>>> G = nx.path_graph(4)
>>> nx.write_adjlist(G, "test.adjlist")

The path can be a filehandle or a string with the name of the file. If a filehandle is provided, it has to be opened in ‘wb’ mode.

>>> fh = open("test.adjlist", "wb")
>>> nx.write_adjlist(G, fh)