property MultiDiGraph.in_edges#

A view of the in edges of the graph as G.in_edges or G.in_edges().

in_edges(self, nbunch=None, data=False, keys=False, default=None)

nbunchsingle node, container, or all nodes (default= all nodes)

The view will only report edges incident to these nodes.

datastring or bool, optional (default=False)

The edge attribute returned in 3-tuple (u, v, ddict[data]). If True, return edge attribute dict in 3-tuple (u, v, ddict). If False, return 2-tuple (u, v).

keysbool, optional (default=False)

If True, return edge keys with each edge, creating 3-tuples (u, v, k) or with data, 4-tuples (u, v, k, d).

defaultvalue, optional (default=None)

Value used for edges that don’t have the requested attribute. Only relevant if data is not True or False.

in_edgesInMultiEdgeView or InMultiEdgeDataView

A view of edge attributes, usually it iterates over (u, v) or (u, v, k) or (u, v, k, d) tuples of edges, but can also be used for attribute lookup as edges[u, v, k]['foo'].

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