An example showing how to use the interface to the pygraphviz.AGraph class to convert to and from graphviz.

plot conversion
import networkx as nx

G = nx.complete_graph(5)
A = nx.nx_agraph.to_agraph(G)  # convert to a graphviz graph
X1 = nx.nx_agraph.from_agraph(A)  # convert back to networkx (but as Graph)
X2 = nx.Graph(A)  # fancy way to do conversion
G1 = nx.Graph(X1)  # now make it a Graph

A.write("")  # write to dot file
X3 = nx.nx_agraph.read_dot("")  # read from dotfile

# You can also create .png directly with the AGraph.draw method
A.draw("k5.png", prog="neato")

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