write_multiline_adjlist(G, path, delimiter=' ', comments='#', encoding='utf-8')[source]

Write the graph G in multiline adjacency list format to path

  • G (NetworkX graph)

  • comments (string, optional) – Marker for comment lines

  • delimiter (string, optional) – Separator for node labels

  • encoding (string, optional) – Text encoding.


>>> G = nx.path_graph(4)
>>> nx.write_multiline_adjlist(G, "test.adjlist")

The path can be a file handle or a string with the name of the file. If a file handle is provided, it has to be opened in ‘wb’ mode.

>>> fh = open("test.adjlist", "wb")
>>> nx.write_multiline_adjlist(G, fh)

Filenames ending in .gz or .bz2 will be compressed.

>>> nx.write_multiline_adjlist(G, "test.adjlist.gz")