Release Process#

  • Set release variables:

    export VERSION=<version number> export PREVIOUS=<previous version number> export ORG=”networkx” export REPO=”networkx”

    If this is a prerelease:

    export NOTES=”doc/release/release_dev.rst”

    If this is release:

    export NOTES=”doc/release/release_${VERSION}.rst” git rm doc/release/release_dev.rst

  • Autogenerate release notes:

    changelist \({ORG}/\){REPO} networkx-\({PREVIOUS} main --version \){VERSION} –out ${NOTES} –format rst

  • Edit doc/_static/version_switcher.json in order to add the release, move the key value pair "preferred": true to the most recent stable version, and commit.

  • Update __version__ in networkx/

  • Commit changes:

    git add networkx/ ${NOTES} doc/_static/version_switcher.json
    git commit -m "Designate ${VERSION} release"
  • Add the version number as a tag in git:

    git tag -s networkx-${VERSION} -m "signed ${VERSION} tag"
  • Push the new meta-data to github:

    git push --tags origin main
    (where origin is the name of the repository.)

  • Review the github release page:
  • Update documentation on the web: The documentation is kept in a separate repo: networkx/documentation

    • Wait for the CI service to deploy to GitHub Pages

    • Sync your branch with the remote repo: git pull.

    • Copy the documentation built by the CI service. Assuming you are at the top-level of the documentation repo:

      # FIXME - use eol_banner.html
      cp -a latest ../networkx-${VERSION}
      git reset --hard <commit from last release>
      mv ../networkx-${VERSION} .
      rm -rf stable
      cp -rf networkx-${VERSION} stable
      git add networkx-${VERSION} stable
      git commit -m "Add ${VERSION} docs"
      git push  # force push---be careful!
  • Update __version__ in networkx/

  • Commit and push changes:

    git add networkx/
    git commit -m "Bump release version"
    git push origin main
  • Update the web frontpage: The webpage is kept in a separate repo: networkx/website

    • Sync your branch with the remote repo: git pull. If you try to make github when your branch is out of sync, it creates headaches.

    • Update build/index.html.

    • Edit build/_static/docversions.js and commit

    • Push your changes to the repo.

    • Deploy using make github.

  • Post release notes on mailing list.