Preparing for the 3.0 release


Much of the work leading to the NetworkX 3.0 release will be included in the NetworkX 2.6 and 2.7 releases. For example, we are deprecating a lot of old code in the 2.6 and 2.7 releases. This guide will discuss this ongoing work and will help you understand what changes you can make now to minimize the disruption caused by the move to 3.0.

This is a guide for people moving from NetworkX 2.X to NetworkX 3.0

Any issues with these can be discussed on the mailing list.

The focus of 3.0 release is on addressing years of technical debt, modernizing our codebase, improving performance, and making it easier to contribute. We plan to release 2.7 near the end of summer and 3.0 near the end of the year.

Default dependencies

We no longer depend on the “decorator” library.

Deprecated code

The 2.6 release deprecates over 30 functions. See NetworkX 2.6.