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"""Helper functions for community-finding algorithms."""
import networkx as nx

__all__ = ["is_partition"]

[docs] @nx._dispatchable def is_partition(G, communities): """Returns *True* if `communities` is a partition of the nodes of `G`. A partition of a universe set is a family of pairwise disjoint sets whose union is the entire universe set. Parameters ---------- G : NetworkX graph. communities : list or iterable of sets of nodes If not a list, the iterable is converted internally to a list. If it is an iterator it is exhausted. """ # Alternate implementation: # return all(sum(1 if v in c else 0 for c in communities) == 1 for v in G) if not isinstance(communities, list): communities = list(communities) nodes = {n for c in communities for n in c if n in G} return len(G) == len(nodes) == sum(len(c) for c in communities)