draw_networkx_nodes(G, pos, nodelist=None, node_size=300, node_color='#1f78b4', node_shape='o', alpha=None, cmap=None, vmin=None, vmax=None, ax=None, linewidths=None, edgecolors=None, label=None, margins=None)[source]

Draw the nodes of the graph G.

This draws only the nodes of the graph G.


A networkx graph


A dictionary with nodes as keys and positions as values. Positions should be sequences of length 2.

axMatplotlib Axes object, optional

Draw the graph in the specified Matplotlib axes.

nodelistlist (default list(G))

Draw only specified nodes

node_sizescalar or array (default=300)

Size of nodes. If an array it must be the same length as nodelist.

node_colorcolor or array of colors (default=’#1f78b4’)

Node color. Can be a single color or a sequence of colors with the same length as nodelist. Color can be string or rgb (or rgba) tuple of floats from 0-1. If numeric values are specified they will be mapped to colors using the cmap and vmin,vmax parameters. See matplotlib.scatter for more details.

node_shapestring (default=’o’)

The shape of the node. Specification is as matplotlib.scatter marker, one of ‘so^>v<dph8’.

alphafloat or array of floats (default=None)

The node transparency. This can be a single alpha value, in which case it will be applied to all the nodes of color. Otherwise, if it is an array, the elements of alpha will be applied to the colors in order (cycling through alpha multiple times if necessary).

cmapMatplotlib colormap (default=None)

Colormap for mapping intensities of nodes

vmin,vmaxfloats or None (default=None)

Minimum and maximum for node colormap scaling

linewidths[None | scalar | sequence] (default=1.0)

Line width of symbol border

edgecolors[None | scalar | sequence] (default = node_color)

Colors of node borders

label[None | string]

Label for legend

marginsfloat or 2-tuple, optional

Sets the padding for axis autoscaling. Increase margin to prevent clipping for nodes that are near the edges of an image. Values should be in the range [0, 1]. See matplotlib.axes.Axes.margins() for details. The default is None, which uses the Matplotlib default.


PathCollection of the nodes.


>>> G = nx.dodecahedral_graph()
>>> nodes = nx.draw_networkx_nodes(G, pos=nx.spring_layout(G))

Also see the NetworkX drawing examples at https://networkx.org/documentation/latest/auto_examples/index.html