property DiGraph.in_edges

An InEdgeView of the Graph as G.in_edges or G.in_edges().

in_edges(self, nbunch=None, data=False, default=None):

nbunchsingle node, container, or all nodes (default= all nodes)

The view will only report edges incident to these nodes.

datastring or bool, optional (default=False)

The edge attribute returned in 3-tuple (u, v, ddict[data]). If True, return edge attribute dict in 3-tuple (u, v, ddict). If False, return 2-tuple (u, v).

defaultvalue, optional (default=None)

Value used for edges that don’t have the requested attribute. Only relevant if data is not True or False.


A view of edge attributes, usually it iterates over (u, v) or (u, v, d) tuples of edges, but can also be used for attribute lookup as edges[u, v]['foo'].

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