complete_bipartite_graph(n1, n2, create_using=None)[source]

Returns the complete bipartite graph K_{n_1,n_2}.

The graph is composed of two partitions with nodes 0 to (n1 - 1) in the first and nodes n1 to (n1 + n2 - 1) in the second. Each node in the first is connected to each node in the second.


Number of nodes for node set A.


Number of nodes for node set B.

create_usingNetworkX graph instance, optional

Return graph of this type.


Node labels are the integers 0 to n_1 + n_2 - 1.

The nodes are assigned the attribute ‘bipartite’ with the value 0 or 1 to indicate which bipartite set the node belongs to.

This function is not imported in the main namespace. To use it use nx.bipartite.complete_bipartite_graph