This documents an unmaintained version of NetworkX. Please upgrade to a maintained version and see the current NetworkX documentation.


grid_graph(dim, periodic=False)[source]

Returns the n-dimensional grid graph.

The dimension n is the length of the list dim and the size in each dimension is the value of the corresponding list element.

  • dim (list or tuple of numbers or iterables of nodes) – ‘dim’ is a tuple or list with, for each dimension, either a number that is the size of that dimension or an iterable of nodes for that dimension. The dimension of the grid_graph is the length of dim.
  • periodic (bool) – If periodic is True the nodes on the grid boundaries are joined to the corresponding nodes on the opposite grid boundaries.

The (possibly periodic) grid graph of the specified dimensions.

Return type:

NetworkX graph


To produce a 2 by 3 by 4 grid graph, a graph on 24 nodes:

>>> from networkx import grid_graph
>>> G = grid_graph(dim=[2, 3, 4])
>>> len(G)
>>> G = grid_graph(dim=[range(7, 9), range(3, 6)])
>>> len(G)