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Source code for networkx.generators.triads

# triads.py - generators for triad graphs
# Copyright 2015 NetworkX developers.
# Copyright 2011 Reya Group <http://www.reyagroup.com>
# Copyright 2011 Alex Levenson <alex@isnotinvain.com>
# Copyright 2011 Diederik van Liere <diederik.vanliere@rotman.utoronto.ca>
# This file is part of NetworkX.
# NetworkX is distributed under a BSD license; see LICENSE.txt for more
# information.
"""Functions that generate the triad graphs, that is, the possible
digraphs on three nodes.

from networkx.classes import DiGraph

__all__ = ['triad_graph']

#: Dictionary mapping triad name to list of directed edges in the
#: digraph representation of that triad (with nodes 'a', 'b', and 'c').
TRIAD_EDGES = {'003': [],
               '012': ['ab'],
               '102': ['ab', 'ba'],
               '021D': ['ba', 'bc'],
               '021U': ['ab', 'cb'],
               '021C': ['ab', 'bc'],
               '111D': ['ac', 'ca', 'bc'],
               '111U': ['ac', 'ca', 'cb'],
               '030T': ['ab', 'cb', 'ac'],
               '030C': ['ba', 'cb', 'ac'],
               '201': ['ab', 'ba', 'ac', 'ca'],
               '120D': ['bc', 'ba', 'ac', 'ca'],
               '120U': ['ab', 'cb', 'ac', 'ca'],
               '120C': ['ab', 'bc', 'ac', 'ca'],
               '210': ['ab', 'bc', 'cb', 'ac', 'ca'],
               '300': ['ab', 'ba', 'bc', 'cb', 'ac', 'ca']

[docs]def triad_graph(triad_name): """Returns the triad graph with the given name. Each string in the following tuple is a valid triad name:: ('003', '012', '102', '021D', '021U', '021C', '111D', '111U', '030T', '030C', '201', '120D', '120U', '120C', '210', '300') Each triad name corresponds to one of the possible valid digraph on three nodes. Parameters ---------- triad_name : string The name of a triad, as described above. Returns ------- :class:`~networkx.DiGraph` The digraph on three nodes with the given name. The nodes of the graph are the single-character strings 'a', 'b', and 'c'. Raises ------ :exc:`ValueError` If `triad_name` is not the name of a triad. See also -------- triadic_census """ if triad_name not in TRIAD_EDGES: raise ValueError('unknown triad name "{}"; use one of the triad names' ' in the TRIAD_NAMES constant'.format(triad_name)) G = DiGraph() G.add_nodes_from('abc') G.add_edges_from(TRIAD_EDGES[triad_name]) return G