This documents an unmaintained version of NetworkX. Please upgrade to a maintained version and see the current NetworkX documentation.


triangles(G, nodes=None)[source]

Compute the number of triangles.

Finds the number of triangles that include a node as one vertex.

Parameters :

G : graph

A networkx graph

nodes : container of nodes, optional (default= all nodes in G)

Compute triangles for nodes in this container.

Returns :

out : dictionary

Number of triangles keyed by node label.


When computing triangles for the entire graph each triangle is counted three times, once at each node. Self loops are ignored.


>>> G=nx.complete_graph(5)
>>> print(nx.triangles(G,0))
>>> print(nx.triangles(G))
{0: 6, 1: 6, 2: 6, 3: 6, 4: 6}
>>> print(list(nx.triangles(G,(0,1)).values()))
[6, 6]