This documents an unmaintained version of NetworkX. Please upgrade to a maintained version and see the current NetworkX documentation.


Connectivity and cut algorithms

Flow-based Connectivity

Flow based connectivity algorithms

average_node_connectivity(G[, flow_func]) Returns the average connectivity of a graph G.
all_pairs_node_connectivity(G[, nbunch, ...]) Compute node connectivity between all pairs of nodes of G.
edge_connectivity(G[, s, t, flow_func]) Returns the edge connectivity of the graph or digraph G.
local_edge_connectivity(G, u, v[, ...]) Returns local edge connectivity for nodes s and t in G.
local_node_connectivity(G, s, t[, ...]) Computes local node connectivity for nodes s and t.
node_connectivity(G[, s, t, flow_func]) Returns node connectivity for a graph or digraph G.

Flow-based Minimum Cuts

Flow based cut algorithms

minimum_edge_cut(G[, s, t, flow_func]) Returns a set of edges of minimum cardinality that disconnects G.
minimum_node_cut(G[, s, t, flow_func]) Returns a set of nodes of minimum cardinality that disconnects G.
minimum_st_edge_cut(G, s, t[, flow_func, ...]) Returns the edges of the cut-set of a minimum (s, t)-cut.
minimum_st_node_cut(G, s, t[, flow_func, ...]) Returns a set of nodes of minimum cardinality that disconnect source from target in G.

Stoer-Wagner minimum cut

Stoer-Wagner minimum cut algorithm.

stoer_wagner(G[, weight, heap]) Returns the weighted minimum edge cut using the Stoer-Wagner algorithm.

Utils for flow-based connectivity

Utilities for connectivity package

build_auxiliary_edge_connectivity(G) Auxiliary digraph for computing flow based edge connectivity
build_auxiliary_node_connectivity(G) Creates a directed graph D from an undirected graph G to compute flow based node connectivity.