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Helper functions

Miscellaneous Helpers for NetworkX.

These are not imported into the base networkx namespace but can be accessed, for example, as

>>> import networkx
>>> networkx.utils.is_string_like('spam')
is_string_like(obj) Check if obj is string.
flatten(obj[, result]) Return flattened version of (possibly nested) iterable object.
iterable(obj) Return True if obj is iterable with a well-defined len().
is_list_of_ints(intlist) Return True if list is a list of ints.
make_str(t) Return the string representation of t.
cumulative_sum(numbers) Yield cumulative sum of numbers.
generate_unique_node() Generate a unique node label.
default_opener(filename) Opens filename using system’s default program.

Data structures and Algorithms

Union-find data structure.

UnionFind.union(*objects) Find the sets containing the objects and merge them all.

Random sequence generators

Utilities for generating random numbers, random sequences, and random selections.

create_degree_sequence(n[, sfunction, max_tries]) Attempt to create a valid degree sequence of length n using specified function sfunction(n,**kwds).
pareto_sequence(n[, exponent]) Return sample sequence of length n from a Pareto distribution.
powerlaw_sequence(n[, exponent]) Return sample sequence of length n from a power law distribution.
uniform_sequence(n) Return sample sequence of length n from a uniform distribution.
cumulative_distribution(distribution) Return normalized cumulative distribution from discrete distribution.
discrete_sequence(n[, distribution, ...]) Return sample sequence of length n from a given discrete distribution or discrete cumulative distribution.
zipf_sequence(n[, alpha, xmin]) Return a sample sequence of length n from a Zipf distribution with
zipf_rv(alpha[, xmin, seed]) Return a random value chosen from the Zipf distribution.
random_weighted_sample(mapping, k) Return k items without replacement from a weighted sample.
weighted_choice(mapping) Return a single element from a weighted sample.


open_file(path_arg[, mode]) Decorator to ensure clean opening and closing of files.
require(*packages) Decorator to check whether specific packages can be imported.