This documents an unmaintained version of NetworkX. Please upgrade to a maintained version and see the current NetworkX documentation.



Connected components.

is_connected(G) Return True if the graph is connected, false otherwise.
number_connected_components(G) Return the number of connected components.
connected_components(G) Generate connected components.
connected_component_subgraphs(G[, copy]) Generate connected components as subgraphs.
node_connected_component(G, n) Return the nodes in the component of graph containing node n.

Strong connectivity

Strongly connected components.

is_strongly_connected(G) Test directed graph for strong connectivity.
number_strongly_connected_components(G) Return number of strongly connected components in graph.
strongly_connected_components(G) Generate nodes in strongly connected components of graph.
strongly_connected_component_subgraphs(G[, copy]) Generate strongly connected components as subgraphs.
strongly_connected_components_recursive(G) Generate nodes in strongly connected components of graph.
kosaraju_strongly_connected_components(G[, …]) Generate nodes in strongly connected components of graph.
condensation(G[, scc]) Returns the condensation of G.

Weak connectivity

Weakly connected components.

is_weakly_connected(G) Test directed graph for weak connectivity.
number_weakly_connected_components(G) Return the number of weakly connected components in G.
weakly_connected_components(G) Generate weakly connected components of G.
weakly_connected_component_subgraphs(G[, copy]) Generate weakly connected components as subgraphs.

Attracting components

Attracting components.

is_attracting_component(G) Returns True if \(G\) consists of a single attracting component.
number_attracting_components(G) Returns the number of attracting components in \(G\).
attracting_components(G) Generates a list of attracting components in \(G\).
attracting_component_subgraphs(G[, copy]) Generates a list of attracting component subgraphs from \(G\).

Biconnected components

Biconnected components and articulation points.

is_biconnected(G) Return True if the graph is biconnected, False otherwise.
biconnected_components(G) Return a generator of sets of nodes, one set for each biconnected
biconnected_component_edges(G) Return a generator of lists of edges, one list for each biconnected component of the input graph.
biconnected_component_subgraphs(G[, copy]) Return a generator of graphs, one graph for each biconnected component of the input graph.
articulation_points(G) Return a generator of articulation points, or cut vertices, of a graph.



is_semiconnected(G) Return True if the graph is semiconnected, False otherwise.